lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

fotografias de estructuras

Casctus, pedro serrano.
Why look into nature for examples of structures?
Nature has a lot more experience in structuring things than humans. It has solved many problems that we not yet confront, and maybe never will. But we have to understand its way of solving any type of situation, and how it structures itself to perfection.
There are many types of structures, each one serving its own purpose. Textile, radial protecting the cactus, creating not one but several layers of obstacles for its own survival.
Bugs have a structure other than its tectonic body, the hard shell, functions like a mobile home. It also protects the body. 
Bichos, pedro serrano.

 The corn can be seen as a modular structure, where each separate part molds to fit next to one another. All together a rigid structure is created, containing its richness protected.
Maiz, pedro serrano.
Any type of structure i came upon and photographed i found unique.

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  1. I think your photographs are unbelievable, and your use of nature as structure is very engaging and appealing.